Gandi Hosting PaaS

This site is PaaS

I mean, in the purely technical sense. At the end of the day there’s always a server somewhere, but in this particular case the server is hosted by Gandi SAS (who I use for their excellent product offerings and customer service) and the site is just a series of files accessible through git or their API.

Having made the transition from managing an entire server for just one website, I have to admit that it’s a breath of fresh air. Where before there was the constant patching, monitoring, and security checks to consider (for an entire OS) my workload has now been cut quite considerably.

I don’t expect this site to get a huge amount of traffic, and even if it does (due to a popular blog post or other) it won’t be enough to cripple the hosting plan that I’m on with Gandi, or their infrastructure.

I’ll be keeping my servers around, I am a techie after all, but they’ve basically been relegated to a playground of sorts, with my big-professional and grown-up sites sitting in a place that I’m considerably less likely to break them.

Who knows, I may get tired of things being so simple and easy in the future, and go back to the headache of setting up iptables rules to block script-kiddies.