Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – Repositories, Ansible, and Flatpak

Out of the box, assuming you’ve done a graphical installation (or installed the graphical bits afterwards) you should be left with a Red Hat desktop that uses Gnome, and is relatively well featured out of the box. You’ll have software like Gnome Boxes, Terminal, Software, Activity Monitor, Firefox… the typical sort of things you expect […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – Boot ISO Installation

This isn’t going to be a long post, not least because installing Linux is something anyone should now be capable of doing (and if you’re not yet, I have a book to recommend.) However, there was a slight caveat I came across when performing the RHEL installation on my laptop. When I install distributions locally, […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – As a Workstation

I recently re-installed my laptop, which in itself doesn’t deserve fanfare and isn’t of any particular note. At one time or another this machine has had Windows, FreeBSD, and various Linux distributions on it (even Ubuntu when I was writing the Linux Administration Cookbook.) What makes it particularly interesting this time is the fact it’s […]

I wrote a book

Go buy it. I’ve just finished writing a book titled ‘Linux Administration Cookbook’ for Packt Publishing. Available here: The writing process was… somewhat manic, and owing to how quickly I can write, the publication date was brought forward by two months (which only applied more pressure.) I hope you find it informative (if you […]

This site is PaaS

I mean, in the purely technical sense. At the end of the day there’s always a server somewhere, but in this particular case the server is hosted by Gandi.Net (who I use for their excellent product offerings and customer service) and the site is just a series of files accessible through git or their API. […]